Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Guilty on all 30 Counts

Killing in the name of God is religious terrorism. 

Wolves stalking their prey

The direct aftermath

Remember the victims - Those who lost their lives
 and those who live with the scars 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blood Moon Clots End Time Prophecy

It isn’t hard to imagine that after thousands of years of religious End Times prophecy that the latest reading of the crystal ball is yet another bust. Now that the Blood Moon has come and gone it’s time for those who see Armageddon in the clouds and stars to yet again recalibrate their metaphysical compass.

The sheer idea of death through massive godly acts of retribution is in fact part of the bigger and more dangerous religious belief that only through an imaginary super-father that can we have justice. And more precisely that only following one faith’s teachings up to and into Armageddon can anyone be spared and justly accepted into the bosom of god. This theological position expresses not only exclusivity but also a willingness to accept and even bring about through passivity or radical action biblical end times.

Christianity has been compared to many former and several later religious death cults.  As in most religious doctrines the act of subservience, repentance, prayer and obedience to authority and religious order are the ultimate values to live by in this world. Such emotional, physical and spiritual capitulation also serves as an insurance policy, according to religious teachings, for the next promised world as well.

Except no other world other than the one that we currently inhabit has ever been proven to exist. The afterlife, which the religious say is reserved for the just upon Armageddon, exists fully in theology but nowhere does it exist in reality.

But the purpose of End Times prophecy is not to secure a place in an imagined heaven for the just, it is meant to serve those who claim to magically know the hour and time of the end of the world and those who trust such prophecy is true.

End times prophecy isn’t just exclusively a Pentecostal or Evangelical church phenomenon. Other Christian faiths from Roman Catholicism to the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, and those who practice Protestantism, to Baptists and Mormons each accept biblical Armageddon. Islam and Judaism and their associated sects also accept Armageddon as the coming final battle that will bring the messiah and usher in paradise for the just and damnation for the rest of us.

For those who accept theology which requires world death to bring final justice, it’s clear that believing serves only to separate and encourage violence rather than bring people together. Working for peace then is and remains counterintuitive to scripture. After all, peace on Earth without messianic Armageddon means the faithful have to wait longer for both their messiah and End Times.

I imagine that the Blood Moon carnival barkers are now in one of two places. They’ve gone underground to plan and re-assess for later pontification on the next date of world destruction. The other option for erroneous preachers is to double-down on their missives and stay firmly above ground to offer excuses to the faithful as to why their prophecy remains unfulfilled.

For these reasons I cannot fully understand how they can look their followers in the eyes – this is beyond my own ethics and morality. It is really the highest form of manipulation and falsification of reality.

But Doomsday prophecy is and has always been a two way street. It requires lawgivers and law receivers. It requires shepherds and sheep. It requires those who will explain the end is near and willing ears that accept the fear mongering and bend to the will of the prophets and preachers who claim to know the divine. Claims that have never been substantiated other than in the delusional beliefs and rituals of those who need to be lead in this way.

The danger of course in the extreme is to wind up with a Peoples Temple, the Solar Temple, Heavens Gate or Ten Commandments Restoration Movement cults or Harold Camping’s now infamously false 2011 End Times predictions.

Each claimed biblical End Times and each lead to the death of its members through suicide and murder.  And in every case the cult leader or leaders feasted on the worldly processions of their believing members. Many who gave away all their cash, while others freely gave their homes, cars, stock portfolios, their women and sadly even sometimes their children.

Of course, as Bill Maher so aptly noted in Religulous, if you think that the world needs to come to an end for justice and peace to reign for the few, then you’ll do very little and even work against bringing peace to the many.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brief Post: Happy 81st Birthday to Dr. Jane Goodall

I want to express my sincere thanks, deep respect and heartfelt admiration to Dr. Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall is an internationally known naturalist, primatologist and conservation advocate. She deserves many kudos and her birthday is today, April 3rd.

I fell in love with her work when I first read  In the Shadow of Man way back in the late 1970’s. Because of her seminal work with the chimps of Gombe, we know so much more about ape-human relatedness and our evolutionary antecedence.

Through the Jane Goodall Institute, her work in support of primate habitat conservation, conservation education and ongoing primate behavior research studies each make her a woman of stellar achievement.

If you’d like to wish Dr. Goodall a happy birthday, you can do so through this LINK which takes you to her website.


Dr. Goodall - circa late 1960's

Gombe Chimps