Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guest Post: Richard Dawkins Contest Information

My friend and colleague, Sean Faircloth, asked if I'd forward via my site the contest rules to win two free tickets to the Reason Rally in March 2012. The winner of the contest also meets Richard Dawkins.

Sean is  great guy and was formally at the Secular Coalition for America before moving onto a new position at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.  His new book is also excellent and I did a review of it a few months ago.

Here Goes:



Would you like to have dinner with Richard Dawkins?

Do you want two free plane tickets to meet Richard Dawkins at the Reason Rally?

Do you want to build a secular movement with persuasive appeal and an optimistic vision?

Are you a social media maven? A marketing whiz? Do you have a knack for creating interesting, dramatic, or entertaining images or videos for YouTube or Facebook?

Do you want to help the secular movement transform America?

Then enter the Ten Point Vision contest. We will promote your skills as the winning entrant at http://richarddawkins.net/. Our site gets a million visits a month.

The deadline for submissions to this contest is Thursday, January 19th, 2011. Contestants must be from North America. The two plane tickets for the winning submission will only be offered from North American locations to meet Richard Dawkins at the Reason Rally. (If you cannot make it to the Reason Rally, you could elect to be flown to an alternate location where Richard Dawkins is visiting on his spring 2012 tour of the US.)

Contestants should watch the YouTube video below to learn about the Ten Point Vision of a Secular America as well as review the written version of the Ten Point Vision of a Secular America on page 134 of Chapter Ten of the book below.
Advance copies of the hardcover available at the RDFRS Store
Amazon.com for Kindle
Amazon.co.uk for Kindle
or Barnes and Noble Nook

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (US branch) seeks to unite the secular movement around an optimistic, positive and substantive vision for America, a vision that will appeal to the broader American public.

Your submission can use drama, humor, still images, moving images, images from the speech video above, or any images you choose. Finalist submissions will be selected based on their ability to: 1) persuade a broader public and 2) inspire organizing and action in our secular movement.

The Ten Point Vision of a Secular America is meaningful in the context of a specific strategic plan, called Our Secular Decade, that is offered in the book Attack of the Theocrats, a strategic plan that the RDFRS-US will play a key role in leading. (link to pdf)

Video submissions must be less than five minutes long. Facebook-friendly still images will also be accepted. Regardless of the format, each submission will be judged on the likelihood to have broad appeal and to be moving or entertaining.

Finalists will be selected by the staff of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science – US branch and announced by January 31. All submissions that are selected as finalists shall be the property of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science US Branch. All finalist entries will be credited and promoted at http://richarddawkins.net/ from Feb1 through Feb 21.

The winning submission will be selected from the list of finalists based on a popular vote. Voting commences February 1 and continues through February 22. There will be one vote per person. Voting instructions and the finalist submissions will be posted Feb 1, 2012.

Make your submission persuasive, creative, and motivating. More detailed information for submitting your entry to our website will be provided January 2012, but you have what you need to get started now.

The creator of the winning submission will be interviewed by Richard Dawkins Foundation staff. This interview will be posted on http://richarddawkins.net/. The creator of the winning submission will be provided two tickets from where they live in North America to meet Richard Dawkins during his spring 2012 North American tour. All finalists and the winner will receive a free signed copy of The Attack of the Theocrats and a signed copy of a book by Richard Dawkins. The winning entry will be strongly promoted at http://richarddawkins.net/ and will fully credit the winning creator. The winning submission will be promoted throughout 2012 and possibly beyond. This contest is a great opportunity to help lead the secular movement and to prove your marketing and media skills before a large audience that you, through your effort, can make even larger.


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I've reposted links to the info (your blog url for this post) with the following comment: Scientists, free thinkers, geeks & AV people, a great challenge of a contest with a huge win, I'd love to see some of your entries & can't wait to see who wins. Rules & info here. I'd like to compete if I had a partner, we'd win the 2 tickets together, but anyone can enter, teams are NOT required (that's just my idea).

  2. Hi AWOLGina,

    Thank you for sharing. Your voice and ideas are deeply needed in this space and in so many others.

    I invite you to write a guest post if you're so inclined. No pressure, and as you can see, I always give folks full attribution.