Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brief Post: Primatology and Social Media

I am going to do my best to dovetail the famed zoologist Desmond Morris (author of The Naked Ape and The Human Zoo) and also Jared Diamond (The Third Chimpanzee) in this post.  Hope you’ll find it fun.

Ten Observations:

1.       Liking a friend’s post on Facebook or re-tweeting a message may release the equivalent amount of endorphins for each person as does typical chimpanzee grooming behavior in the wild

2.       Using all CAPITALS in an email is the same as baring your fangs. It is act of aggression and the reader will respond with either fight or flight

3.       Alpha males and females have more than 2,500 friends on FaceBook; Alpha videos have at least 500,000 views on YouTube

4.       Skyping and blogging are the equivalent of howling and hooting to communicate in the jungle or savannah over large or long distances

5.       Hunting for bargains on the Internet is situaltionally the same as non-human primates hunting for food in their niche; an auditory, kinesthetic and visual set of cues which move the forager towards a choice and conclusion (sadly smell cannot be included in Internet foraging unless of course you’ve been sitting at your computer for 24 to 36 hours straight)

6.       Learning a new skill via the web is equivalent to teaching a primate to recognize symbols and language via a computer. Each requires higher cognition and a set of known communication skills, rubrics, assessments and outcomes

7.       Looking for and selecting a mate or partner on the Internet…. (see number five)

8.       Unfriending, blocking or otherwise ignoring someone who is attempting to communicate online creates “bachelor” males and “bachelorette” females, essentially taking them out of the online gene pool

9.       Alternatively, friending someone expands or enforces the social gene pool on an immediate and long-term basis, offering all band members access to the alpha and each other

10.   The global village created by the internet is the extreme boundary of our species niche, replaced eventually only by space travel and further cosmological exploration

You are free to add others to this list and/or disagree with me.  Either way, I'm sure it will be an improvement.

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