Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paleolibrarian Guest Blogger Commentary: Open Letter to Clergy and the Church

(This was sent by the author to a local church after representatives tresspassed and distributed religious literature on his property).

Mr. Michael Harvey
By Michael Harvey

To Whom It May Concern: 

Today, someone from YOUR church left religious literature on MY CAR, which means that someone came into MY DRIVEWAY to deliver these materials; after showing up at my door and offering same to my children.

I think I speak for an increasing number of people when I say his incessant proselytizing (in all its forms) has become not only tiresome, an utter waste of public monies (via numerous religious tax exemptions, and “faith-based initiatives” which have been dismal failures); but also a demonstrable threat to education, science, and what remains of the U.S. Constitution.

I do not leave atheist, humanist, or scientific literature on your property because (this will come as a big surprise to you) I actually respect your rights to believe and practice (within reason) as you see fit; which includes being free FROM religion or coercion of any kind, and NOT having ones intelligence insulted.

Please demonstrate that same basic courtesy to your neighbors and fellow Americans.

If there are any theological, philosophical, or pressing political questions or concerns that I/we feel you may be qualified to address (hope springs eternal!), it’s certainly easy to find a church and some “man/woman of god” making claims they cannot substantiate or metaphysical promises they cannot keep.

Indeed, one cannot look a mile in any direction without seeing some tax-exempt “house of god” taking up valuable real estate space that could be used for more useful purposes, or those church marquees adorned with precious, clever little catchphrases that admonish “unsaved” and sinner alike to symbolically partake of the body and blood of the New Testament hero (read: drink the KOOLAID).

In closing, if I see another foot soldier for Jesus lurking around my neighborhood, passing out printed brainwashing fodder to unsuspecting children or the elderly, I shall report them as suspicious persons.

Thank you.

Paleolibrarian Guest Blogger, Mr. Michael Harvey, is a new friend and frequent contributor to the Florida Atheist movement both online and in his actions confronting church abuse. He can be found (and friended) on Facebook.

We need to confront missionaries and their houses of worship, regardless of their faith, since those of us who are secular have the Constitutional right to not be confronted with the cognitive dissonance and magical thinking of the faithful. 
- Cheers, David O.

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  1. These pesky proselytizers seem to never give up. I've been fortunate not to encounter any of them so far since I moved to Atlanta. They would certainly hear a lot from me if they ever cross my path.