Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RIP: Dr. Sally Ride (1951-2012)

Dr. Sally Ride
It was sad news to learn America's first woman in space, astronaut Sally Ride, died of pancreatic cancer. According to news reports, she had been battling the deadly disease for almost two years.

CNN did a fine job of reporting the details of this extraordinary person's life.  A researcher, NASA pioneer, space traveler, entrepreneur, humanist and scientist, she will be deeply missed not just for her achievements but for her outlook on life and the wonder she has instilled in generations of children about our world and space travel.

Lives like Dr. Ride's come and go quickly and all of us have a finite time to spend searching and attempting to understand the nature of ourselves and the universe. Dr. Ride was able to do both and do it with grace, pleasure and ease.

My favorite quote, which is in the CNN article as well, is as follows:

 "You can't get it just standing on the ground, with your feet firmly planted on Earth. You can only get it from space, and it's just remarkable how beautiful our planet is and how fragile it looks." 

Dr. Ride, we thank you for breaking down barriers and for being a pioneer and hero for so many.

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