Monday, September 24, 2012

Dawkins' Playboy Magazine Interview

Richard Dawkins
I've been away from publishing the blog for some time. Mostly because of work and my other writing projects.  But this information is too good not to be shared.

Dawkins was interviewed in Playboy Magazine, here is the Interview Link.  So yes, you can buy a copy of the magazine and say, "But I just read the articles." Or just read the interview online.

With all the religious insanity facing the Middle-East of late, the recent Church decision to ex-communicate German Roman Catholics for not paying their religion tax, and dozens of incidents which impact civil rights, Chick-fil-A anyone? we really needed some good news.

The Dawkins article fills the bill.

Enjoy and please note that as I transition this blog from an almost daily dispatch to an occasional up-periscope site, that my deep interest and support goes out to everyone connected to the movement and the positive value that it brings to our collective humanity both short and long-term.


p.s. Thanks Dennis.


  1. Hello David. Let's hope our readers will stay focused on the interview rather than on the distracting pictures on the right side of the screen.

    It's a long and informative interview anyway. Dawkins will put what I think better than I would have done myself.

  2. Hello My Dear Friend Michel,

    Agreed. However, the combination of naked young women and atheist philosophy is one to be be reckoned with, feared and respected.