Monday, October 22, 2012

RIP: Dr. Paul Kurtz, dies at 86

Dr. Paul Kurtz, 1925-2012
As many of you know by now, world famous philosopher Dr. Paul Kurtz, died today at his home in New York. He was 86 years old.  Founder of the Center for Inquiry and a brilliant man who rejected religion and religious dogma, his rationalist teachings made him an eminent Secular Humanist.

He also spent his life debunking the mythology of the bored and anxious, mainly the mystics, UFO and Bigfoot stories that captivated and still captivates those would choose to believe in fantasy and theism.

Here is a link to the AP/Yahoo story.

This man was and will remain a positive, optimistic and influential point of light for all who conclude that rationality should guide our wisdom. And that theism, like all storied mythology which requires no evidence and just faith in the impossible, will eventually be seen for what it is, abject silliness and never to be taken as truth.

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